• Provide sales support for sales / international accounts.
  • Maintain up to date records of international accounts and specific needs.
  • Manage sales and communication for in-house europe accounts.
  • Coordinate needs of international accounts with all departments (merchandising, production, design, samples, accounting, etc).
  • Distribute weekly ats to international accounts with international pricing.
  • Get market feedback and seasonal selling feedback from international accounts and share us trends, retail updates, bestselling styles to international accounts.
  • Attend weekly ats meetings and communicate/follow up on intl ats issues/requests.
  • Submit smu requests and attend weekly smu meetings to ensure proper communication of international smu requests.
  • Attend international sales meetings as needed.
  • Coordinate with marketing to provide up to date marketing needs for all international accounts.


  • Manage communication with logistics partner, zitra.
  • Coordinate all pricing, product data, order information, shipping details regarding zitra.
  • Create and distribute t&a calendar to international accounts and update on date changes pertinent to international deadlines.
  • Verify international currency pricing is updated in full circle for each season.


  • Review bookings and invoices for international accounts on a daily basis.
  • Provide information for shipping updates (open, shipped, expected confo, go get)
  • Enter orders, manage revisions, advise international accounts of production deadlines, delays, and changes
    • Send order confirmations to accounts.
    • Ensure orders are processed and shipped on time.
  • Address consumer-related questions/concerns regarding ras from international consumers.
  • Oversee ra requests from international accounts.


  • Coordinate sales samples for international accounts and international PR.
  • Enter samples orders.
  • Invoice samples orders.
  • Send invoice and shipping docs to international accounts.
  • Track and update international accounts on samples shipped as well as samples pending.


  • Assist vp in projections monthly ensuring sales and ats needs are met to achieve budgets and goals.
  • Monitor/review projections for international accounts to ensure projections are received/entered by due date.
  • Enter projections on fit list/supply and demand file.
  • Review any changes needed based on season’s budget/goals/history/planning recommendations.


  • Create and distribute international linesheets for uk, europe, and distributors with international pricing and currencies.
  • Communicate changes on lines and updated linesheets with international accounts to ensure all information is provided and up to date.
  • Create special linesheets based on specific account requests.


  • Integrity.
  • International business understanding.
  • Proven track record in the premium denim space.
  • Strategic hands-on operational skills.
  • Team player—team builder.
  • Ability to manage a fast growing business.
  • Understanding of multi-channel distribution.
  • Low ego management style.


  • Proven leadership ability.
  • Strong communication/negotiation skills.
  • Strategic thinker.
  • Solid financial/analytical skills.
  • Speaks and writes multiple languages.
  • Deep understanding of design to delivery process.
  • Ideally, experience with direct to consumer businesses.