The hudson jeans visual merchandise coordinator acts as the brand ambassador and business supervisor for a specified region of department stores consisting of men’s and women’s division’s. Working in conjunction with hudson jeans senior merchandiser, national merchandise manager, sales directors’ and account executives, they are responsible for facilitating branch store sales growth and profitability while maintaining the brand image. They execute store merchandising, visual standards, and train and develop all store personnel. VMC educates store staff on product knowledge, conducts seminars, and rallies to create excitement around the brand and reports all findings. Constant and meaningful communication from the vmc to all partners within the business is the cornerstone to success in the position. Travel is monthly to surrounding states; however, some locales will only be visited seasonally based on where the business warrants attention.


  • Review business analysis and store issues weekly with all ae’s, director of sales, senior merchandiser, and national visual merchandise manager as it pertains to their accounts. Communicate daily regarding issues which need immediate attention.
  • Take responsibility and ownership for all store issues and opportunities. Make partners with hudson jeans team when help is needed. Always be ready to pitch in and lend a hand regardless of your position.
  • Develop vital relationships with all account levels. Know who to go to for important decisions with each account, i.e. Divisional merchandise managers (DMM), general merchandise managers (GMM), regional merchandise managers (RMM), store managers, divisional sales managers (DSM), area sales manager (ASM) and visual managers. They need to know and respect you as a professional and integral part of the hudson jeans business. Must act with integrity and professionalism at all times.
  • Communicate all product information, business analysis, floor location, presentation, and staffing issues with store management and sales associates.
  • Create uniformity in all hudson jeans departments with the aid of the daily feedback from the national merchandise manager. Ensure all floors have the same basic flow of merchandise including fashion, rp/qr, consignment, and markdowns. Ensure all department images and/or vendor identification is clearly distinguished where the hudson product lives. Enforce markdown presentation standards by pulling merchandise together in department and display appropriately with percentage off or price point signage.
  • Work with in-store visual teams to highlight trend styles on mannequins through presentations throughout the store and ensure we have prime real estate and front exposure.
  • Will partner with the senior merchandiser on floor sets, best practices, reporting, and updates to fashion presentations by account.
  • Will utilize the hudson jeans standard manual for all presentations.
  • Should take note of stock levels, sizes needs, replenishments requests, and voids in each account for both divisions and clearly report finding in their recaps.
  • Analyze individual door and total account business through constant in- store review of sales and stock, mall comparisons, business potential from basic to fashion, top to bottom, and sales to stock ratios. Complete this information in your monthly branch reports that go to internal team, maintain critical action documents so ae’s have visibility, by store, of what is working and what needs to be addressed.
  • Be proactive in implementing business opportunities. (i.e. work sales floor to focus on presentation which suits store. Help to update account basics count and revise models if necessary. Ensure that fashion on order is in line with branch trends. React quickly to best sellers with account executive to maximize sales. Demand the best location for hudson jeans. obtain all visual islands and windows to promote hudson throughout the entire store.
  • Lead seasonal seminars for all stores, reviewing current fashion, essentials, key items, pricing, fabric issues, trends, advertising and markdowns.
  • Partner with store management in hiring and developing specialists/ co-op positions.