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Hudson is about pushing boundaries in our field and with our craft. it is our way of living by and acting on a very simple idea: things don’t have to be the way they are. in everything we do, the goal is to inspire and empower our employees, our communities and our consumers to challenge routines and affect change.


Founder/CEO, Peter Kim

Peter kim is not your typical ceo. With an ever-growing collection of tattoos with a penchant for surfing, mma training and yoga, his tenacious spirit and unorthodox style of leadership have made for both a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated philanthropist.Using his resources to raise awareness and funding for local nonprofits, in true peter kim fashion, he has gone skydiving at 18 thousand feet and endured the nipple chafing of multiple 26-mile marathons. Which is to say, in his professional and personal life, peter continues to drive home a central message that is as inspiring as it is straightforward: We all can do our part to progress the world around us, and we can have fun while doing it!

Creative Director, Ben Taverniti

When people say, “so and so was born to do this” it’s usually a hyperbolic turn of phrase that really means, “this person likes what they do.” but every now and again, there are those people who were actually born to do what they do – people like hudson’s creative director ben taverniti. Ben started sketching before he could play with toys. At just 17 years old, he quickly moved through the prestigious es mod fashion school in paris, and graduated to become the head designer for kristina popovich. Soon after, He worked as head designing assistant to jeremy scott. With an impressive body of work for such a young designer, ben relocated to los angeles and eventually found his home at hudson. And just like everything else in his already expansive career, in no time at all, ben began redefining the world of premium denim too. He is truly one of a kind.

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